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July 29, 2008


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Great idea!!!! I have no clue but I'll think on it.

Hi Dee, what a cool idea! I think the image is part of the 3 step Hibiscus, from Kitchen Sink.

It looks like part of a 3 step daffodil

Okay, no idea, but I'm going to guess a piece of coral...a sea image.

I'm thinking out side of the box...way out side...a dog?

not a clue, but I'll say a bumble bee because I like stamps about them. I will faint if that one is right! The colors look earthy, so maybe a part of a flower pot?

Dee, this is hard to guess since you gave us only a itty bitty glimse! I say a butterfly!


My guess is a tulip,,,, I love kitchen sink stamps!!!!

I have no clue - I'm guessing a lilac???

I'm thinking a fish,,, maybe a koi?

I went to Kitchen Sink Stamps and it does look like 3 step hibiscus!!!

sandyh502001 at yahoo dot com

This is tough. Right now I'm thinking a heart.

I know ... but, I'm not telling! he-he
What a super fun game Dee! :D

Good Luck everyone! :D

A reindeer

So this is something brand spanking new that will be released next month? If so, how about a leaf? Like maybe a set of leaves--for Fall stamping, possibly? This is fun, Dee!

Umm... I'm thinking the 3 Step Hydrangea?

Umm... I'm thinking the 3 Step Hydrangea?

Ok, now I'm thinking a bear, lol!

A bear with his arm in a sling?

It looks like a teddy bear to me.

Teddy Bear

I still think it is a Teddy Bear.


FINALLY - i see an image :) it looks like a teddy bear to me too... i couldn't see ANYTHING until today :)

I think it's a Teddy Bear!!!

It looks like a teddy bear!

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