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December 04, 2008


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Artificial, pre-lit and if I could find one that was pre-decorated, I would be ecstatic!

We always have a live tree, which the cats love. I love it, too, especially the pine scent. This year, I also have a small artificial tree in my stamp room. Thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy!

My Christmas Tree is artificial for 3 reasons. 1-As much as I love the smell of the real ones, it bothers my borderline asthma. 2-I cannot stand stepping on dried needles and my fireman hubby worries about fire with real ones. 3- I like my tree up early and to stay up at least a month.

I like artificial for safety and lack of allergy attacks. And, I'm saving another tree.

I am so sad to report that I have an artificial tree! We have a wood stove to heat our home and that is nice, but creates a fire hazard with a live tree:( I usually find a nice pine scented candle to burn to make up for the fake tree!

My tree is artificial because I am allergic to real trees.

My Christmas tree will be an artifical tree. I like having it up early too.

I have never had a real tree :(... I did get a new (new to me) bigger tree this year, but I would love to have a real one, but my hubby says "no" he said they are too messy, and with my four small children, he is probably right, so maybe someday when my babies aren't babies any longer (which will come WAY TOO SOON) I will get a real one, but for now I am happy to have my fake tree, with all the real Christmas spirit!!

What fun blog candy! Sharon's celebration is really taking off!

So far it looks like most of us have artificial trees. We usually have an artificial tree too. We have allergies and a fireplace and we just don't want to have a fire hazard. Besides, I hated the pine needles of the real trees that were everywhere, even long after the tree was gone.

What great candy! We have THREE fake trees. All passed on to us from our parents. But it's helpful since we are young and don't always have a lot of money to spend this time of year.

I love real Christmas trees but changed to artifical a couple of years ago because hundreds of little spiders came out of my real tree. I never want to experience that again.

Our tree is artificial. I prefer the smell of a live one, but the cost is prohibitive. You can't beat the prices the day after Christmas.

I have 2 trees and they are both artificial. Thanks for the chance to win.

My tree is artificial this year. thanks so much for a chance to win some great looking stamps.

Love my artificial tree -- we can put it up early and no needles fall off! Your blog creations are lovely -- I'm a first timer here and enjoyed seeing your creativity.

Artifical (bahumbug). This year I'll be glad to have any type of tree. We've been under construction due to adding to the bedroom SO our bed has been in the living room for seven weeks RIGHT WHERE THE TREE SHOULD BE! It'll completely throw off Santa if we don't get things back to normal soon!

well, we will have both...there is a little skinny tree, and then the living room will get a live tree :) I do have a 'thing' for artificial trees in cute little cache pots, so those are all over the house! :)

Sorry to say we just have an artificial tree! We have a tiny house and just don't have the space for a real one!

We have had a fake tree for the past couple of years , picked it up at an after Christmas sale for like 75% off . I do miss the smell of the real ones , but I don't miss the mess or the expense or the real ones ! Thanks for a chance at these awesome goodies Dee !

Thanks for the chance to win!
Artificial tree, always has been, always will be. I remember picking pine needles out of the carpet growing up and I swore I'd never have a real tree when I grew up. Love not having to deal with it.

Mine will be a real tree, there are so many near where I live!

My tree is artificial. I love it's soft, warm glow in the corner of my living room! It's decorated with red, white and gold ornaments this year.

Alas no tree this year. I am flying to TX next week for the birth of my first grandchild. He is a "miracle" baby. I am lucky enough to be staying through the holidays with my dd and her dh. If they have a tree it will be artifical this year.

Thanks for the blog candy opp. Darlene

Artificial and prelit. I use real pine centerpiecesto get the "real fragrance" of xmas.

Last year I purchased one of the pre-lit trees. My husband had cancer and couldn't help me get the decorations down. So the tree was simply the lights along with some beautiful bows. This year he's cancer free but has lymph edema in his legs. So again the tree is beautiful with it's lights, the ribbon and this year I added all of my grown children's small stuff animals to the tree. It is beautiful...and really helped me not to have to work so hard to make it so. Thanks for asking.

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