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December 04, 2008


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Mine will be a fake one, with lots of white lots lots of birds and lots of balls. :)

We live in a condo, so unfortunately, we can't have Live Christmas trees. So mine will be artificial :( I will have to search for some of the Live Tree Scent! lol Thank you for the opportunity to win your beautiful blog candy!
Kim P.

My tree will be artifical. I have a terrible allergy to pine trees- and I live in the south so go figure! I love a live tree but it just doesn't work....TFS

My tree is always artificial. A little less work that way and it doesn't aggravate my allergies!

I haven't had a live tree in a long time. It may not be traditional, but it sure is less messy!

Artificial tree here and it's up already. Thanks for a chance to win.

We have a live tree this year. We used to have an artificial one but when I pulled it out of the garage last year, I discovered that mice had built a nest in it--yuk! So we reverted back to the good ol' days and bought a live one. I'm loving it!

I am allergic to most evergreens so I have had an artificial for many years. Mine is only 4" and prelit. Haven't put any decorations on yet, just put it up for the cats to get used to something new in the room! Thanks for the chance to win some nice candy!

We have 2 artificial trees. a 7.5 ft pencil tree for the family room and a 6.f ft fat bue spruce tree for the living room. I got tired of pine needles and sap all over my house. I do bring pine boughs in from the trees in the yard to decorate here and there.

I love live trees, but my cats kinda make that impossible. So my tree is artificial and fiberoptic. No lights to worry about being burned out or tangled.

We have a real tree - we have always had a real tree. I think it dates back to when my parents had this silver thing that had a rotating color wheel. Boy, am I dating myself!!!

We always do a live tree and for the last 10 years we have gone to the farm to cut one down (not sure that will be in the budget this year). Last year my four year old LOVED tromping through the foot deep snow (about knee level for her) and never even complained when she fell. We went to a nice family farm north of Harisville.
Good Memories!

We have 2 artificial trees. One for the front and one for the back on the canal. The canal gets very busy as everyone decorates the back and the boats cruise during this 'silly season'. Of course it is summer here. Shirley B in Oz.

We have had an artifical tree since we started travelling during the holidays- for safety reasons. We don't put it up until Christmas Eve and it stays up until after the Epiphany. We're big on "Advent is advent" and celebrating the 12 days of Christmas as our Christmas.

We have an artificial tree. For many, many years we had a live tree...but the past few years we've gone with a fake one. I can put it up early and enjoy it for the whole month of December. Thanks.

Thanks for the chance to win the wonderful blog candy! Unfortunately, I won't be able to have a tree up this year because we are going out of town and can't leave either version with our cats in the house. We always had a real tree until a couple of years ago when I broke down and got an artificial one. If I could have one this year, it would be the artificial one.

We'll get a real tree for the "main" Christmas tree -- you know, the one the gifts go under -- and then we have quite a few smaller artificial trees that I will group into a "forest" in another room and decorate with mainly lights (white on all except one which will probably be pink -- much to my husband's dislike!) and a few simple glass balls and snowflakes. Thanks for the chance to win the beautiful snow flurry stamp set!

We have an artificial tree. We went one year to cut our own tree- I just couldn't do it! I felt so sorry for those trees. It's been artificial ever since!

I always use an artificial tree as I live in a manufactured home....and since I am short, so is my tree-only 6 ft. tall. But.....you know good things come in small packages!!! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Our tree is artificial. My son (who has autism) loves the lights. We put it up early and leave it up late because he enjoys it so much.

This is some sweet candy. We have live trees until I get tired of the needles and then we go with artifical trees. This year is an artifical tree. Thanks for a chance.

We get a real tree, but last year, we got a potted one we could plant, it was quite tall, but sparse branches, it didn't quite look like a Charlie Brown tree, but close...LOL...I LOVED it...and the neat thing, its outside covered in snow...ALIVE...and blowing in the wind. We will do the same thing this year!

We used to always have a live tree until I found out I was allergic to them.

Now we have an artificial tree and I'm not sick through the entire Holiday Season!!

Artificial, pre-lit white...which I trim with gold and red...lots of bird ornaments. I prefer real, but live in FL now and my husband loves the white...so...if it makes him happy...lol!

We've had an artificial tree for many years now but it is in sad shape. We will probably just put it up again although I wouldn't mind getting a live tree that we could plant.

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