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December 04, 2008


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We finally gave in and got a fake tree. My husband NEEDS a huge tree, 12-13 feet tall. It gets expensive every year to buy a real one that large, not to mention the mountain of needles, so we got the artificial one (in 4 parts!) a few years ago.

I love real trees but I don't buy them as I have a artificial one that I have had forever. My brother has a real tree every year & every year we go to his home on Christmas Eve & have dinner & exchange gifts. Merry Christmas everyone....

Janey Webster

Snow! Great moisture. Ice? not so great, but a source of cropland moisture. Stamping snow- Go Girl! Manly and occasion cards are awaiting Snow! Lest we not forget our Heroes from VA hospitals and recovery therapy Centers; make some cards, send some signed with first name and a general appreciative greeting. No envies needed, just some SNOW!

Ha! So enthralled with SNOW that I missed the live cut or artificial tree entry. Yes, ceramic with inset lights from the seventies!
It is a work of love from a dear lady, now deceased, who survived intestinal/colon/female organ cancer with liquid opium from a 1950s prescription and self control! What a fiesty gal! Her creative gift giving spirit always worked to bless others. We remember her love toward us each year and inbetween. The boughs are puffy SNOW-laden. Thanks.

Tree is ceramic, a gift from a 70s lady who worked much in greenware to stave off cancer survivor ills. This layered snowladen bough tree sports recessed lights. Children need to be calm around it. Sections have yet to be balanced to withstand a brick dropped next to it. Some snow or cupcakes would make a warm kitchen stamping episode for our Heroes in VA hospitals most grand. Put a bundle of cards in an envie, mail to your state's VA hospital, no individual envies necessary, bless those who have supported our freedom to stamp creatively. Thanks.

A few years ago I complained about not having a nice tree. I sent my husband to go and buy an artificial tree. Well, he came home and said he bought the display model at the store and he had to wait for them to take all the ornaments off the tree. Then he told me he bought the WHOLE DARN THING - tree & ornaments. There are beautiful ornaments, bows and ribbons on this tree AND it spins! Well, I set it up in our living room and when I am done I ask how it looks. He tells me it doesn't look as nice as they had it decorated in the store - but it was OK. I wasn't upset as I am not the worlds best tree decorator and even with beautiful ornaments I have trouble. But I have a cool tree that spins and I love it.

We have several artificial trees -- one in every room. We love Christmas and want to keep the decorations up longer. A few years I learned that I had a allergy to pine needles. After that, we burn pine candles for the scent and enjoy our artifical trees.

Since the children are grown, we have a small fiber-optic tree. Just love to see the colors change over and over.

All these questions are getting me in the mood for Christmas.

Such wonderful candy! My tree is artificial every year. Hubs is always a little afraid of the fire danger a live tree could pose (we're too busy to keep up with the watering), and we have NO tree farms here! ='(

Since my children have grown and have families of their own, I've stopped putting up a tree; I'm at their houses on Christmas Day anyhow. So, neither live or artificial; hope I still qualify for your great blog candy! Thanks.....

Artificial tree, needs a few new decorations this year and I will make a couple with Stampin' Up! products too!

Our tree is a small artificial one. It consists of beautiful white twisted branches covered in glitter. We add red birds and some gold birds and heart shaped decorations. Under the tree we stand a beautiful tin red and white angel holding a solitary christmas gift tied with red ribbon. It is simple yet elegant. Helen R

I usually have a real tree but this is the first year I will be having a fake pre-lit tree! I was sold on it by the fact that I could put it up now and it would still be alive at Christmas!

Does a potted plant with added lights count as a live tree? I am too strapped for cash to splurge on the usual live tree and hate to spend money on a fake tree with no place to store it. So I am making do with what I have around the house.

We have an artifical one this year.....don't really think I'm going to like it, but know it will be safer and easier to clean up after! Thanks, Lynn Hayes

We have a white tree w/ pre-lit lights.
It's ez to put together and fun to decorate.
I put a white tree skirt under it w/ a collection of snowmen.

We have always had an artificial tree due to the fact that our homes have a wood burning stove or fireplace close by and I would worry too much about it drying out and becoming a safety hazard. Thanks for the chance to win candy.

We have always had an artificial tree due to the fact that our homes have a wood burning stove or fireplace close by and I would worry too much about it drying out and becoming a safety hazard. Thanks for the chance to win candy.

We have a live tree. My husband and daughter went to a tree farm and cut it down the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Thank you for the wonderful blog candy! We usually put up an artificial tree. we have two dogs that would be all over a live tree, so a plastic tree works best for us!

Hi Dee! My tree will be real but small :)

We have two artificial "big" trees. I also have some smaller ones that I usually put out around the house. This year, because of illness and a death in the family, we are keeping it simple with one tree in the family room. That is okay with me. It is the tree that all the family ornaments go on--which is what is it all about. Christ is our strength this year and the head of our household.

It has been fun to see what everybody else is doing and see other beautiful trees.

Thanks for a chance to win and have a great day.

pscole3467 at gmail dot com

Wow!!!! Blog candy!! Woohoo. This year we will actually have a fake Christmas tree. We had a real one last year, but KMart was having a really good sale, so we got the tree with all of the ornaments to boot. I can't wait to set it up.


Alena in California

My tree is artificial. Has been since our dog pulled an eight foot real tree all decorated on top of himself. What a mess! Thanks for the opportunity at blog candy. Love your inspiration and sharing...Lilian

every year we a few friends go Christmas tree hunting, we cut down the tree we have hunted down my husband cuts it (every year I take a picture of his back side while he cuts the tree) and then we all come back to my house and we have a little party.

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