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December 04, 2008


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Hi Dee: Isn't that Maria a sweetie? We have a prelit artificial tree. I like a real tree but I like to have mine up too long and it isn't good for the tree. Pre lit is definitely the way to go for an artificial tree! Thanks for the chance to win some candy inclding a KSS set I want and don't have yet!

Our tree is artificial. The year we were married we began collecting miniature ornaments. Our tree, even though small, was quite sparse the first few years. After 18 years, we decorate two small trees with all miniature ornaments and they are chock full. Each year we look forward to finding new ornaments and enjoy lhe detail that is put into each one.

Thanks for the chance to win blog candy!

Our tree is an artificial tree. I grew up with artificial trees and have never had a real tree. My in-laws get real trees and I honestly must say that I don't really care for them. I know every year exactly what my tree will look like and don't have to worry about watering it, cleaning up fallen needles or droopy branches.

Hi Dee! Our tree is real but we keep threatening to get an artifical one. I am just imagining not finding pine needles in July! :) Thanks for the opportunity to win!

We're fake tree people. We're away from home a lot during the holidays and don't want to worry about watering a real tree - or take care of the mess. I miss the smell of a real one, but a little Glade can take care of that!

You girls rock, you are an inspiration to all of us stampers, keep up the great cards! Your blog candy stamps are adorable! Eloise

Our tree will be artificial, since I am allergic to trees it would be a major sneezing fit for me :)

I am planning on decorating it with all handmade ornaments that I've collected over the years!

Thanks for the great chance to win your awesome stamps.

Our Christmas Tree will be a live tree! We didn't buy it yet, but we will on this weekend!
Thank you for the fun challenges and very yummy blog candy!

Our tree is an artificial one. We've had a real one a couple of years in our 10-year marriage. Thanks for the chance to win some great blog candy

Actually we will get both.. NO not 2 trees in our house BUT ours is artificial then at my MIL's house they have a real one and its one tradition since I've been married that I enjoyed because its always so fun to pick the "prefect" tree so we can get back and decorte it and the kids always add something to the tree.. My MIL's house ends up looking like a Christmas Winter Wonderland.. with lights and signing and that wonderful smell of the tree..Our tree is pretty is well but we don't go all out like at Grandma's Winter Wonderland! :)

We always have live trees. I begged for an artificial one this year, but hubby really loves the real thing. Okay, I do too, but not the messy needle clean up, and I just had major surgery, so clean up is more difficult for me!

Thanks for offering such lovely ideas and blog candy!!

We always have an artificial tree. I've never had a real tree...

We have 7 artificial trees fully decorated in our house...definitly love Christmas here.
Happy Holidays

An artificial tree. It extends out my Christmas decorating season and my husband is allergic to Christmas Trees. Thank you for the chance to win!

Absolutely a real, live tree! I have had a live tree since I was a kid, and DH likes the real tree too, so we always buy one that supports the YMCA and put it up the first week in December.

Our tree is an artificial.TFS the blog candy!!

Gail :-)

We've gone artificial for the last several years -- My husband has allergies and I did a no. on my central vacuum with the pine needles (that's a story in itself as I tried to single-handedly fix it!!). Now I have a beautiful pre-lit tree (we lose a strand of lights a year that I can't figure out, and to get the cords to match up from the year before when combining the 3 pieces is a feat in itself!!). Thanks for the blog candy opportunity! Jeannie

We have two artificial trees; one inside and the other outside. This is less trouble and we don't have $50.oo for a tree that will be thrown away after holidays!

Thanks for a chance to win this beautiful blog candy!

I prefer live trees, (the smell of a real tree), but this year with a 16-month-old I decided on artificial to keep the mess to a minimum. This all has been so much fun, thanks to all of you ladies!! Gina S

What a pretty stamp set!

Our tree is real...not my choice, I think it's much more of a hassle and GUESS who has to water it. *groan*

We will have an artificial tree - one of the fiberoptic one.

We always had live trees the first few years of our marriage and before the popularity of the pretty shaped artificial trees. I now use artificial and don't miss the hassle of cutting, dragging in, setting up, dropped needles and messing up my allergies at all.

We have an artificial one - the silver aluminum kind that spins with the color wheel. My bf's family & mine both grew up with them inherited from from our great-grandmothers & it's a fun tradition to continue.

We always use an artificial tree. My husband has asthma and the real trees bother his allergies. Course, I have to get it down from the attic yet......, So much to do, so little time!

Cindy C

I love the real trees because of the smell, but we are having a artificial tree, .

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