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May 19, 2009


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Hurry back Dee... we all miss you in the Kitchen ... but be a good patient! :D

I'm so glad you're doing well Dee....You Take Care and follow those Dr's orders!!...I'll be watching for your Beautiful Creations when you get back!!...Hugs, Ila

Take care and get lots of rest and tender loving care from your elf and family. Remember, we are thinking of you! Hugs from Michigan

Rest up and do what you're told Dee!! We miss you and can't wait 'til your back!! :)

Take care of yourself Dee! So glad you are home and recuperating! Big (((HUGS)))!!

You are continuing to be in my prayers, Dee!

Thanks for the update, blog elf!!

Great to see you, even for a brief glimpse! I hope you're feeling better! Take good care of yourself! {{hugs}} and well wishes!

thanks so much to the "elf" for letting us know.

Dee - take care of yourself! keep a notebook handy for jotting ideas and sketches; maybe that'll be enough to keep you from being too bored.

Dee, take care of yourself!!!! The Flourishes Blog team designers miss you!!! Rest up and get better so the Dr. can tell you it is okay to stamp!!! {{{{{HUGS}}}}!

Dee, so glad to finally get a report. Hope you are doing well and know I missed you! Sending love and prayers and hugs and smile to keep you busy getting better.

Get well soon!

Oh my gosh! Get your rest and I wish you a speedy recovery!

Keep your smile pointing up and get back to us real soon.

Glad you're home! Listen to that doctor! NO STAMPING!!!

Please follow Dr's orders so you can resume
stamping real soon.

Hi Dee - we miss you!!! But you have to take care of yourself first...so rest up and recover quickly!!!

Big hugs

Hi Dee!
Glad to hear you are recuperating! Follow the dr. orders...but you can dream up all the wonderful creations you will make when they say "You can stamp!" Get well!

Blog elf - please tell Dee to do what the doctor ordered and get well soon!

Hi Dee!
While recuperating and following the Dr. orders those creative juices will be producing and waiting on go when the Dr says go.

Dee, GET WELL ... for the after -recovery calls for therapy as in the stamping kind! Miss you !

God bless and speedy recovery. You are in my prayers.

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